Problems are unavoidable! Expecting a life free of problems is naïve. How we deal with these problems is where our power and control can be found.

If you have are having problems in your personal life, an angry adolescent, a student who is doing poorly at school, a child with a developmental disorder, relationship issues, or work related problems, we can help!

We work with families and would love to work with yours. Please let us know if we can help!


Dr. Bob

Robert G. Snyder, Ph.D.

North Texas Psychotherapy Associates - Lewisville, TX


Psychotherapy can greatly improve your mental well-being. Our staff are highly trained professionals who specialize in treating mental health issues in both children and adults. Let us work together to bring balance and enjoyment into your life.

The Practice

Opening up to a stranger requires a great deal of trust. Our facilities provide a comfortable and private atmosphere.  Our staff is made up of professionals who are trained to help in your well-being.


At our clinic, play and technology are utilized as therapeutic tools. Our playroom is an entire room devoted to treating children using Play Therapy. We also offer a computer laboratory that includes software for training and reinforcing skills such as attention, motor and social skills.